Seungri Denies Requesting 'Easy Girls' in KakaoTalk Chatroom

BanSeok Shin, March 21, 2019, 3:37 p.m.

In a 'New1' phone interview with Seungri's lawyer, according to Seungri himself, in the controversial KakaoTalk messages that SBS funE reported on - almost a month ago - the part where Seungri allegedly asks for "girls who will sleep easily" was 'mis-expressed'. The lawyer stated that, "Seungri does not remember this part." He also said that, "Seungri says he does not use such expressions." The lawyer explained that the context of the chat was that Seungri was seeking a shopping mate for a friend from Singapore while Seungri was in Japan and unable to be there personally. Naturally people question why this explanation has only now been given - so long after the story broke news headlines. The reason, as given by the lawyer: "We would've given a clear statement [earlier] if Seungri had the messages from 3 years ago, but since it was from so long ago, he couldn't remember. During police investigations, he got the chance to read the full texts and remembered after seeing all the names." Whether or not what Seungri said is true, he is still part of that highly controversial group chat and things don't look good for him given the way he expressed what he was saying in his messages.

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