Seungyeon releases new BTS photos from ‘Her Lovely Heels’

Jimmy Pak, Feb. 17, 2014, 11:28 a.m.

KARA’s Seungyeon recently shared new photos from behind-the-scene from ‘Her Lovely Heels’.  Seungyeon tweeted, "I finished everything up until the press conference for 'Her Lovely Heels' safe and sound! The so very lovely 'Her Lovely Heels'! The only thing left is to receive your love. February 24 SBS Plus. Hwaiting."


At the press conference at Lotte Hotel in Jamsildong, Seoul, she shared, “When I heard that the webtoon 'Her Lovely Heels' will be made into a drama, I said that I would do it immediately."  Also adding, "The story captured my heart at the time, so I decided to star in it... A lot of people may be worried and concerned, but I filmed it humbly and worked hard, so I hope that you watch it well."


Seungyeon plays the role of Shin Ji Hoo, an inexperienced girl who gets employed at her new company where she falls in love with her boss, played by Hong Jung Hyun.  ‘Her Lovely Heels’ premieres on SBS Plus from Feburary 24th

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