Seven Contestants Make a Cover for "Rock U" for "KARA Project" Episode 2

SWAG-tastic Voyage, June 4, 2014, 10:23 a.m.

The competition grew even tougher for DSP Media's seven trainee contestants to reach their goal of being the new official member of KARA in MBC Music's "KARA Project" episode 2!

The seven contestants, now known as "Baby KARA", is comprised of members So Jin, Shi Yoon, Young Ji, Chae Kyung, So Min, Chae Won, and Yu Ji. They all attempted to sing and dance along to KARA's "Rock U" for their second mission. Young Ji, on the other hand, had already won the first round of votes and therefore was unable to take part in the second mission, but she did show her support for her trainee rivals.

As was mentioned previously, the talented contestants will be competing in a total of five missions, and the newest member will be chosen by a split decision from 30% experts' vote, 20% pre-broadcast popularity vote, 20% live broadcast popularity vote, and 30% global popularity vote.

Who do you think will become the newest members of KARA? Find out by watching MBC Music's "KARA Project" which airs every Tuesday at 6p KST. Be sure to catch their next mission, "Lupin", next week and vote for your favorite contestant!

The second video is posted above, and contains English subtitles as well!

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