Seventeen talks about their latest comeback concept with ‘@star1’

Michelle Jung, June 28, 2017, 10:21 a.m.

Recently, Seventeen sat down with ‘@star1’ magazine for an interview about their latest album, ‘Al1’!

Q: Your latest concept is ‘refreshing sorrow’. What does this mean to Seventeen?

Vernon: It illustrates the growth of a boy depicted in our debut track’ Adore U’. It expresses the first time someone experiences sadness.

Q: Your previous tracks such as “Adore U” and “Boom Boom” are bright images whereas your latest song evokes a sad emotion. What did you do to express this?

Dino: For ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ I listened to a lot of music and watched many movies. We had several discussions on how to convey the right feelings.

Junghan: I was able to get into the mood while listening to B2ST’s ‘Rainy Day’.

Q: With 17 members, you must all have different views. How do you work it out?

Seungkwan: No one is stubborn about it.

Wonwoo: There were some moments when we clashed before our debut. When we couldn’t come up with an agreement, we ended up writing our own songs. However, we learned to cooperate together as time went by.

Q: Name one reason Seventeen are receiving so much love from fans?

S.Coups: Since we have a lot of people, we can emit a great amount of energy.
Seungkwan: We become desperate. For example, we cheer shouting, ‘Let’s destroy the stage!’ There are times when we actually do destroy the stage and the staff tells us to go easy.”

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