SEVENTEEN’s Repackaged Album ‘LOVE & LETTER’ Tops Charts

Nicholas Kim, July 11, 2016, 7:38 a.m.

Seventeen’s latest release, their ‘LOVE & LETTER’ repackaged album, has just been announced to have taken over the top of the charts for their physical album! The group released the repackaged album on July 4th, and on July 9th, the boys were ranked at #1 on Hanteo and Synnara for the daily sales chart.


This news was announced after the group already had ranked #1 on digital charts with their track ‘Very NICE’ as well. The track tells the story about the boys having the best day of their life with the girl they love, and really manages to express to excitement felt during the entire date. The repackaged album will feature five more tracks, to create a total of fifteen tracks.

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