Seventeen’s Seungkwan had a minor contact lens incident!

Yumi Kim, Nov. 15, 2017, 3:04 p.m.

SEVENTEEN member Seungkwan had a bit of a problem at ‘2017 AAA’ red carpet. The idol’s contact lens popped out. The unexpected situation brought a lot of laughter as the idol can be seen holding the contact lens while walking the red carpet. The ‘2017 Asia Artist Awards’ took place on November 17 at the Jamsil Arena. There were various celebrities at the event and boy group SEVENTEEN surely was there. While the group was posing in the outdoor photo area, Seungkwan’s contact lens popped out of his right eye.

According to sources, the wind caused Seungkwan’s contact lens to be misplaced and pop out. The rest of the SEVENTEEN boys began laughing due to the sudden incident. Seungkwan even posed with the contact lens in his hand. Netizens thought it was funny and commented things such as, "His life is a sitcom lol", "He's so funny lol Why is he posing with the contact lens? LOL", "Everything Seungkwan does is so funny."

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