SF9 opens up about their hopes and goals in 'Singles'

Jun Ko, Feb. 22, 2019, 1:10 p.m.

SF9 showed off a cool and casual style to themselves in their pictorial with 'Singles' before sitting down for an interview. With the group having made their comeback recently with their 6th mini-album 'Narcissus', the members talked about their hopes for their upcoming promotions and their future goals: "We hope that it will lead to a time for people to show their interest in us. Each member is currently showing their individual charms through their own promotions, but we still have a lot to show as a group", "I hope to become a group that proves we have skills in all fields. The dream is for our team to gain recognition in skill, personality, sense, persistence, passion, effort in all the things we do." 

They closed with all the members sharing, "We hope to one day receive the 'Artist of the Year' Award." 

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