Shin Bora Releases Music Video Titled ‘Mis-Match’

kpride, April 10, 2015, 11:57 a.m.

Shin Bora is back with the release of her newest music video titled ‘Mis-Match’, which features Vasco.  The song is sexy as well with a touch of the tango vibe.  Vasco roughly says, "Never ever," and she follows it up with her soothing and lilting vocals.

Shin Bora is a South Korean comedian, singer, and actress. She made her entertainment debut as a comedian on the variety show Gag Concert in 2010. Shin is also a member of the band Brave Guys, and has released several singles as a solo artist. In 2014, she was cast in a supporting role in the television drama Trot Lovers. Shin has been dating fellow Gag Concert comedian Kim Kiri since December 2012


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