Shin Eun Soo’s first impression of Gang Dong Won: awe-inspiring

Angela Jung , Nov. 4, 2016, 9:31 a.m.

Child actress Shin Eun-soo shared her first impression of actor Gang Dong-won, who co-stars in “Vanishing Time” with her, in an interview with fashion magazine High Cut on Thursday. Shin, 14, described Gang as awe-inspiring.

“I first met him in person when we were carrying out a ritual before the filming started,” said the actress. “He was literally standing out, so much so that he looked like an entity from another world.”

“But as soon as we got closer, I could see how friendly he was,” she added. On her being called the next Suzy -- a singer-actress -- she said that was “nonsense.” Shin will also appear in “Legend of the Blue Sea” as the teenage version of Shim Chung, whose adult role is played by actress Jun Ji-hyun. 

More pictures and details of the interview will be available in the November issue of High Cut.

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