Shin Jung Hwan Under Investigation on Charges of Fraud

kpopluv, July 17, 2014, 9:24 a.m.

Former singer and entertainer Shin Jung Hwan is being investigated for fraud by the parents of a man who hoped to make it in the entertainment business.  Police on Wednesday said a businessman surnamed Lee (62) pressed charges against Shin claiming he gave the entertainer W100 million or about $100,000 US in 2010 in return for a promise to launch his son in showbiz, but the promise was never honored.

Shin Jung Hwan first received recognition as being a part of  K-pop groups Roo'ra and Country Kko Kko, he has since become a "comedian", or an entertainer, on various variety shows. In November 2005, he encountered some controversy after he was caught gambling and he subsequently resigned from all his shows, including SBS's Love Letter.

In September 2010, Shin Jung Hwan did not attend one of TV program that he was scheduled to be in without notice. Later, he explained that he has been in a hospital in Cebu, The Philippines for dengue fever. However, it turned out to be a lie. South Korean media has stated that he could not return to South Korea as he gambled in Philippines, lost his money as well as his passport. Shin Jung Hwan uploaded his photo in a hospital on his website. After it was revealed that he lied, his photo have made Koreans even more angry for his dishonesty. In January 20, 2011, Shin returned to Korea. He was indicted without detention for habitual gambling, violation of The foreign exchange trade act and the passport act.

Shin allegedly promised to help the son appear on a TV program that he hosted, but Shin's W200 million gambling spree made headlines in August 2010, before he could honor the promise, and he was arrested in June 2011 and sentenced to eight months in jail. He was freed under a special Christmas amnesty in December that year but now faces a fresh police summons. 


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