Shin Min Ah & Yoo Jae Suk donate over $80K each to Coronavirus relief Centers!

Jane Lee , Feb. 25, 2020, 11:16 a.m.

On February 25, it was reported that actress Shin Minah donated over 100 million Won ($82,277.45 USD) to Coronavirus relief centers. The actress' label AM Entertainment stated, "She hopes the funds will be used to support current medical staff and help prevent Coronavirus in vulnerable people." 

Additionally, 'Hope Bridge' revealed that popular MC Yoo Jae Suk donated 100 million Won ($82,277.45 USD) to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

It is great to see celebrities donating money, masks, and hand sanitizers to help contain the virus! 

In related news, South Korea has confirmed 977 coronavirus cases and 11 deaths!  

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