SHINee hopes to continue for another 10 years

Jun Ko, June 12, 2018, 11:24 a.m.

On June 11th, SHINee attended a press conference for their 10th anniversary album 'The Story of Light'. Their album 'The Story of Light' is a three-part album; the first episode was released back on May 28th, the second episode was recently released on June 11th, and the third episode will be released on June 25th. This album also marks the first album since Jonghyun's passing. 

Key stated that 'The Story of Light' is "a compilation of all the images SHINee has so far put forth" and that the album is meant to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Key gave more details on the direction they took with 'The Story of Light': "The first episode reflects the image that others have of SHINee, the second episode portrays how we take ourselves to be, and the third episode goes about it with a different feeling with medium-tempo R&B songs." 

The members looked back at the ten years that they spend with each other. Minho revealed that he wished that SHINee will continue to be active in the future as he still wants to release new music with SHINee, even ten years into the future. He also revealed that they renewed their contract with SM Entertainment, stating that this was just the beginning for them. 

Taemin added on that SHINee continued to remain fresh and young in everyone's eyes before humorously stating that he would be in love with SHINee if he was female. He also revealed that he had spend half his life with SHINee: "I started training when I was 13 years old. Being 26 now, I have spend exactly half of my life with SHINee. The time that I've spend with SHINee is something that I look proudly on." 

Congrats to SHINee on their 10th anniversary! We hope that they continue 10 and even 20 years into the future. 

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