SHINee Is Kidnapped in Teaser Clip and Photos for "Odd" Comeback Track

Maximilliano VCHK, May 13, 2015, 9:32 a.m.

SHINee apparently has managed to get themselves kidnapped in the latest teaser clip release for their upcoming comeback album, "Odd"! In the third video teaser trailer that was released this week,  you can see the boys out partying and having fun before getting themselves taken hostage by a mysterious and beautiful woman.

In order to give fans some more goodies with the release of the trailer, SHINee has also released another brand new set of teaser photos that hints at the storyline and concept of the trailers that have been released so far.

Since SHINee does have a tendency to surprise their fans with a release that is completely unrelated to their teaser photos and video clips, fans will just have to sit tight until the day of the release before they can be sure of anything.

The group's title track "View" and 4th album "Odd" is scheduled to be released on May 18th, but fans will be attending their concert on May 15th to 17th where they will get to see the new songs performed well ahead of time.

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