SHINee’s Key Travels to France and Italy

David Song, Jan. 23, 2017, 9:55 a.m.

SHINee’s Key traveled to France and Italy, dressing in style while enjoying the European cities. He shared photos and videos from his trip on search portal Naver, where he personally wrote about his thoughts on Paris and Rome. The 25-year-old said throughout this trip he wanted to unwind from the bustle of filming for his TV drama “Honsul Couple.” 

“It was emotional having to wrap up my first work in a drama, but as I had spent a very busy time shooting for it simultaneously with concerts and while preparing a new album, I figured I needed a break for both my body and soul,” Key said.

Key said it was around early December when he was in Paris, but the city had already been swept up in the holiday spirit. “As my travels always are, I am alone when I set out on the road,” Key said, adding that he later met with local friends and others traveling in Europe after arrival.

Key said he liked Paris because it preserves its old roads and buildings. He spent his time in the city of lights shopping and eating, using the public transportation system to get around. “No one really recognizes me here,” he said.

Key spent two days in Paris and another two in Rome. In Rome, he visited Castel Sant’Angelo, which he said was across from his hotel. The singer also visited Piazza Navona and the nearby Pantheon. Two more stories from Key are due to come up on Naver later. 

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