SHINee’s Onew Accused of Sexual Harassment

Troy Young, Aug. 14, 2017, 10:39 a.m.

Onew of the popular boy band SHINee has been charged with sexual harassment. According to police on Sunday, Onew (28) was charged with groping a woman at a club early Saturday morning. The woman's friend alerted police. Onew, whose real name is Lee Jin-ki, told police that he has no recollection of the incident since he was too intoxicated.

Police interviewed the alleged victim and witnesses and are analyzing CCTV footage from the club. His management agency SM Entertainment said the incident was a "misunderstanding" after Onew "unwittingly made physical contact with a person next to him while dancing under the influence of alcohol."

It said the woman does not want to press charges, but police explained that they are required by law to investigate charges of sexual harassment regardless whether the victim files a complaint and will continue with the investigation.

SHINee is a five-member band that debuted in 2008.

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