SHINee’s Onew handwrites letter to sincerely apologize for his sexual harassment controversy!!

Yumi Kim, Dec. 4, 2017, 3:48 p.m.

SHINee’s Onew wrote a letter to his fans and sincerely apologized for his sexual harassment controversy. On December 4, Onew wrote his heart out on a piece of paper. He posted his letter of apology on SHINee’s official website. The letter stated the following:

"Hello, this is Onew.


I sincerely apologize for delivering bad news and disappointment to the fans who've loved and cheered me on. Throughout the past 4 months of hiatus, I was able to reflect on how I've greatly disappointed the fans that have treasured me. I've also endlessly blamed myself. I thought and thought about how to apologize, how to express with which words. I was cautious about writing a letter because I felt deeply sorry... That is why I know it's late but uploading this letter now. 


As I received more love and attention, I needed to act with responsibility even in my personal time but I'm just deeply sorry for giving disappointment. I'm very sorry to our members that I've been together with for 9 years... I also want to apologize again to my parents, as well as the employees of my agency who were shocked because of me. 


I'll always reflect on actions and try harder to take care of myself more strictly. I promise to work my best to live up to our team name SHINee in both business and personal ways from now on."

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