Shinhwa Kim Dong Wan offers help to the blind through audiobook

Angela Jung , Dec. 22, 2016, 9:42 a.m.

Kim Dong-wan of boy band Shinhwa launched a live Naver V app show at a studio Wednesday while volunteering for an audiobook recording. “I turned on this camera during the break time,” Kim said. “My fans must be on their way back home from work. I‘m a bit tired.”

The audiobook with Kim’s voiceover is designed to introduce the blind to singing as an occupation. He said many blind people end up doing other jobs, such as a massage therapist, despite having other talents. 

“Many blind people lose the opportunity to understand what a singer is, how to become a singer and how to train themselves,” Kim said. “Some of them just get overwhelmed and just give up becoming a singer. If they know how to, then things will change.”

He added the project, in which he offered to join without payment, is open to ordinary people as well and encouraged the fans to apply for the project by the deadline of Jan. 31. 

Kim has been involved with the project, dubbed “Good-hearted Library,” for six consecutive years. The project for the blind is sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank Korea.

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