Shinhwa Shows Off Their Dance Skills and Quirks with ‘Weekly Idol’

Troy Yang, Jan. 19, 2017, 10:21 a.m.

If you ever looked at Shinhwa’s photos and wondered how their smile was always so genuine, they have just revealed their secret in their latest appearance with ‘Weekly Idol’! The group made their first appearance on January 18th, and shared what they referred to as their ‘tradition’. MC Jung Hyung Don then asked what they were talking about, and Junjin stepped up to demonstrate.


The group then tried their hand at the random play dance segment. Shinhwa shocked viewers, since they were expected to perform flawlessly. The group simply fell apart from the start, and the group seems to have completely forgotten their older choreography. The MC’s then began to jokingly berate the members of the group by asking, ‘Is this the first time you're hearing this song?’


Check out all of the fun below!

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