‘Show Me the Money 4’ Producers Are Featured in Cosmopolitan

D-Bo , June 24, 2015, 10:31 a.m.

‘Show Me The Money 4’ producers are being featured in the upcoming issue of the fashion publication Cosmopolitan.  All six of them look equally cool and charismatic as they pose by rusty container boxes. The judges interviewed in pairs, PALOALTO and ZicoVerbal Jint and San E, and LOCO and Jay Park.

As part of his interview, LOCO, who was season 1's winner and this season's producer/judge, said, "I really understand how the contestants feel, and I'm close with the other producers, so I think I can have fun and do well. Just like how I became more known through this program, I hope to be able to find new faces here."

PaloAlto said, "I'm not continuously pouring out music like I did in the past, but I think I'm used to the music lifestyle. If I go to sleep without writing lyrics that day it's the same uncomfortable feeling as not washing before going to bed for me."

Verbal Jint said, "Even after filming for hours for 'Show Me the Money', I didn't rest and I wrote lyrics and made songs. Even now during break from filming, like a contestant, I'm memorizing lyrics I wrote the day before."

When Zico was asked if he felt like he achieved everything, as he's both an idol and a producer, he replied, "What I most wanted to become was a musician who had the ability to go beyond a mainstream and underground rapper, and I did achieve that. When I look at the rap lyrics I wrote for the past four years, I can see my records just as I was, and see the path I've taken."

Show Me the Money is a South Korean television rap competition series held annually. First held in 2012, Show Me the Money has grown in popularity through its three seasons.

The concept of the show is to select a group of promising rappers from open auditions and whittle down that number through various assignments, with contestant survival dependent on the "producers," a group of experienced rappers who also serve as mentors. Eventually the rappers are divided into small teams headed by those producers. From there each contestant will face a different team's rapper in head-to-head single-elimination rounds where survival in the competition is dependent on votes from a live studio audience. In the third season, there was also a "Revival Round" in which contestants previously eliminated had a chance to continue in the competition.


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