Si Yeon From PRISTIN Claims That She Has Been A Trainee For Half Her Life!

Isabella Yang, April 4, 2017, 4:45 p.m.

Hold up, say what!? Recently, PRISTIN’s very own Si Yeon was a special guest on KBS 2TV’s variety show ‘Hello Counselor’. In the variety show, Si Yeon was discussed with the panelists the shocking notion that she has been a trainee for nearly 9 years! This is outstanding because the idol herself is 18 years old currently, that means that she has been a trainee for half her lifetime!

This shocked the panelists and viewers who participated and watched the show. Si Yeon went to elaborate that her dream was to become a singer. She went so far to demonstrate how far her passion was by claiming that she sang Jang Yoo Jung’s ‘Oh My’ every single place that she attended.

Remember everyone, follow your dreams!

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