[OP-ED] Celebrate 'Silver Day' with Celeb Couples!

Stacy Kadomasu, July 13, 2016, 6 p.m.

Happy Silver Day! In Korea, every 14th of each month signifies a special unofficial holiday and each one calls for a different celebration. This month’s holiday is Silver Day, a day where couples exchange silver rings to each other as a promise to get married, or to introduce each other to their parents - a truly meaningful day for the lovebirds in Korea!

In honor of Silver Day, and perhaps to console those who are living the #singlelyfe, here are some adorable couple rings adorned by Korean celebrity couples who make us happy for just being together!

1. Suzy & Lee Min Ho

The Nation’s First Love and the Hallyu prince, two incredibly successful stars boasting their enviable relationship with a pair of simple, elegant silver rings.


2. Taeyang & Min Hyo Rin

Ok, so they aren’t silver rings, but they’re still matching and adorable and who’s to complain about the cutest JYPxYG couple ever? Not me!


3. Lee Bo Young & Ji Sung

Before this actress and actor couple got married, welcomed a baby girl into the world, and melted everyone’s hearts with their happiness, they were just two people at a Psy concert, wearing couple rings and matching hats like any other lovers. 


4. Baek Ji Young & Jung Suk Won

The OST ballad queen Baek Ji Young and actor Jung Suk Won are all about being comfortable and understanding with each other, so it’s no wonder that they chose a simple couple ring to tie them together, eventually trading them in for wedding bands!


5. Lee Byung Hun & Lee Min Jung

The King and Queen of K-dramas tied the knot in 2013, showing off their beautiful silver rings and demonstrating to everyone what #weddinggoals actually looks like.


Which rings will you give your significant other this Silver Day?

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