Simon D Releases MV for Pre-Release Track “Simon Dominic”

Sensitive Artist, Aug. 12, 2015, 9:50 a.m.

Simon D has finally made his return after stating that he will be making a comeback, and he must know that his fans are dying to hear some of his newest music since he released a music video for his pre-release track “Simon Dimonic”! His new album release “Simon Dimonic” is actually a new and improved version of his old mixtape “Simon Simon” which he had released when he was an underground artist.

A different version of that mixtape “Simon Dominic 2014” was also unofficially released last year. Everything on the track is supposed to symbolize the style and flavor of Simon D, encompassing everything from the title all the way to the content on the album itself.
The single album will be released on August 21st. You heard it here at!
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