Simon D signs with Jay Park's label AOMG as Co-CEO

, March 10, 2014, 11:15 a.m.

Rumors in the music industry is that rapper Simon D (30) have found a new home at Jay Park (27)'s label AOMG.

A music insider stated on March 9, "Simon D has become the co-CEO of label AOMG which Jay Park established in October of last year... The two of them will hold hands and will lead the agency artists and producers together."

"Simon D had a lot of interest in pursuing music with new musicians in a new environment... The two of them want to spread Korean hip hop overseas and plan to help the label flourish in not just music but concerts, fashion and hip hop culture."

It has been reported that Simon D and Jay Park decided to work together due to their common passion for hip hop and same goals in managing a label. Simon D celebrated his birthday on the 8th by having a birthday bash concert 'BACKnFORTH-Re:Birthday' at club 'THE A' in Gangnam and performed with AOMG artists, DJ Pumpkin and DJ Wegun.

Stay tuned for confirmation on this exciting partnership!

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