Simon D Testifies in Court as a Witness for E-Sens and Admits Partial Fault in Case

David Song, Oct. 14, 2015, 11:19 a.m.

Simon D stepped up in order to serve as a witness for E-Sens, who was recently cited with charges for unlawful cannabis usage, at his appellate trial that was held on October 13th at Seoul High Court. Simon D partially blamed E-Sens blame on himself by saying, "I'm partly at fault that E-Sens became this way. While Supreme Team was still active, I was working concurrently on my solo activities and busy making a living for myself. I don't think I properly did my duties as a hyung (older male) so I feel bad. Now I have more freedom time-wise and mentality-wise. Even though it may not be often, I will stay close by him, and look after him as more than just a younger brother.


The rapper then explained how E-Sens became a user of marijuana by saying, "At the time, he was in a conflict with the label (Amoeba Culture), and he harbored dissatisfaction with the music scene so even though he wasn't drunk, he engaged in extreme behavior. I think smoking cannabis gave him a sense of comfort and security, so he became gradually dependent on it." 

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