Singer Gilgun Releases Statement Regarding Contract Dispute with Soul Shop Entertainment

D-Bo , Dec. 2, 2014, 3:54 p.m.

It was recently revealed that singers Megan Lee and Gilgun were in a contract dispute with their entertainment agency, Soul Shop Entertainment.  Singer Gilgun has released a statement on her position on the issue. 

She stated through a press release,

"I'm currently in the situation where I've sent in my response to Soul Shop's documents that were sent to me first. [As this is the case] I think it's a little too early to tell the details about the current matter to the fans and the media. However, I promise that I will deliver the truth through my actions in front of the law and my conscience, considering the amount of hardships I experienced and how much I felt wronged by Soul Shop. Also, thank you for waiting for me and trusting my silence, even though you all must have been so curious... Once this difficult time passes, I will return to all of you again as the bright and energetic Gilgun... Depending on Soul Shop's path of action, I will reveal the internal details [to all of you]. It has been a very difficult, unjust, and painful time for me."

Gilgun's side had previously mentioned that the singer was not able to release an album for the past year and 4 months and did not have any schedules to carry out either. When she voiced her opinion that she wanted to dispute her contract with the agency, Soul Shop had sent her a document stating that she can leave if she pays 2 times the amount of the contract fee. 

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