Singer Navi and Comedian Jang Dong Min State They Are Just Friends

Sensitive Artist, March 18, 2015, 11:06 a.m.

Both singer Navi and comedian Jang Dong Min were embroiled in a storm of dating rumors, but both sides stepped forward immediately once rumors surfaced that the two were in a romantic relationship together. The two celebrities immediately denied the rumors and stated that their relationship was purely platonic.

On March 18th, a representative from Jang Dong Min's company Co-en stated, "We confirmed with Jang Dong Min and the dating rumor is groundless. The two became close as friends after a radio broadcast, and the sight of the two teasing each other must have resulted in this misunderstanding."

Navi's side joined in saying, "Navi and Jang Dong Min are definitely not dating. They have a sunbae-hoobae relationship after becoming close from a radio broadcast. It's true they are close, but we know that they haven't even met [to hang out] in private."

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