Singers Eric Nam and Kahi Fool Panel on 'Masked Singer'

bigpoppa, May 4, 2015, 11:03 a.m.

When you hear the names Kahi and Eric Nam, "singer" may not the first word that comes to your mind. Having made their presence in the entertainment world known via other talents, such as Kahi's dancing and Eric Nam's skillful reporting and speaking on Arirang's 'After School Club' and MBC's 'Section TV'.

However, despite these "categories" the public has arranged these celebrities into, the two artists are in fact talented singers! Kahi and Eric Nam set off to prove their qualification to be identified as a "singer" on 'Masked Singer' where they both appeared on stage with masks that completely covered their faces and performed a song each.

Kahi mentions that her goal on the show was to show off her singing skills without any prejudice from the audience regarding her identity. She stated, "I think that most people wouldn't be able to recognize my voice. I want to hear people say, 'Kahi knows how to sing, too?'" expressing her desire for the public to acknowledge her talent in singing in addition to her dancing. Having been performing in musicals since she started pursuing her solo career, Kahi proved that she was more than just a dancer by showing off her improved voice.

Similarly, Eric Nam also mentioned his desire for people to acknowledge him as a singer, despite the common misconception that he's just a reporter on TV. He shared, "Most people don’t know me as a singer. People say, ‘Wow, you’re a reporter that knows how to sing!’ but I'd like to think of singing as my main job." Eric definitely gained recognition as the panel commented on how well he performed!

Check out their beautiful performances below, here on Koogle TV!

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