SISTAR Beats A Pink in 400m Race for Gold and Loses to 4minute in Archery for Silver

SWAG-tastic Voyage, Feb. 21, 2015, 3 p.m.

SISTAR was known for their toned and fit bodies, but they proved that they were in amazing athletic shape on the February 20th episode of MBC's "Idol Star Olympics" by winning the gold medal in the 400m race and silver in archery! Gold was given to the talented 4minute who was doing very well on variety shows, music programs, and now this!

Soyu was the third runner in the 400m (4x100m relay) race and she turned the tables on A Pink's Hayoung while Bora took them to the finish line for the gold! SISTAR commented, "We want to give this honor to the fans who are always supporting us."

In archery, the girls performed just as well but were unable to defeat 4minute, losing with an end score of 63-79. The 4minute team consisted of members Jiyoon, Jihyun, and Sohyun, all three who showed immense happiness when the gold was put around their necks after defeating the defending champion.

Sohyun and Bora were the aces of their teams, battling neck and neck as they kept hitting tens from the get-go. The two ultimately finished with 28 points each, showing their equal footing. Jiyoon and Jihyun's combined scoring from their archery moments placed 4minute ahead of SISTAR for the gold.

After winning, the girls said, "This is our first gold medal as a team," and danced along happily together.

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