Sistar, Giorgio Moroder release collaboration song

Su Jin Jang, Nov. 22, 2016, 9:23 a.m.

South Korean girl group Sistar released a new single produced by world-class Italian musician Giorgio Moroder on Tuesday. The collaboration project "One More Day," which was composed as part of a program at the 2016 Seoul International Music Fair, features the vocals of the four-member-act, while the three-time Academy Award-winning producer took the reins on composing, arranging and producing the dynamic EDM track. The song unravels multi-dimensional electronic pop sounds within the exquisite structure woven by the disco legend. 

The catchy hook and distinctive melody sung by arguably one of South Korea's most prominent female idol groups are expected to mesmerize listeners. 

Seo Ji-eum, who wrote EXO's "Growl" and Lovelyz's "Ah-Choo," was in charge of lyrics. 

The 2016 Seoul International Music Fair or MU:CON, themed the "Key to the Global Music Gate," was aimed at providing an international network of global artists in the hopes of creating various musical exchanges and communication. The event carried out various showcases and some 50 music market-related programs, including 20 lectures and nine lessons delivered by globally recognized music figures from Oct. 6-8. 

The quartet made its debut in 2010 with the album "Push Push," and has received much love from home and abroad, rising to be one of the most eminent vocal groups in the K-pop scene. 

The Italian prodigy who is also a performer and DJ has enjoyed a four-decade-plus career starting with his debut album "Knights in White Satin" released in 1976. The artist has previously collaborated with internationally renowned musicians such as Daft Punk and Madonna.

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