SISTAR hopes to reunite one day in the future!

Mia Lee, June 2, 2017, 11:10 a.m.

SISTAR will be finishing their final promotions this weekend and so they held an interview with multiple media outlets where they discussed their future. Every member of SISTAR is in the midst of considering their own moves with Starship Entertainment. Soyu commented,  "There is no problem among us nor are we ending on a bad term. We all hope to come together in the future". While Hyorin added, "We have yet to decide on any individual promotions, and I think this will be a good time for us put in as much effort as possible toward our personal goals. We promised our fans we will continue to be the best as we can be in our own areas and continue to grow."

In addition, Hyorin also stated,  "In the past, when we were asked what our most memorable moment was, we answered, 'Our very first concert'. However, I don't think that's the case anymore. I think it's now. I don't think we've ever been praised as much as now. Many have told us 'Thank you' and the positive feedback made me realize 'Wow, I'm really blessed to be given all this love'".

SISTAR debuted in 2010 with “Push Push”. From there onwards, SISTAR received massive popularity and love from fans globally with the help of various hits like “So Cool”, “Loving U”, “Touch my Body”, “Alone”, and “Shake It”.

We wish the girls the best of luck and success in their future projects!  


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