SISTAR talks about their future plans with 'Cosmopolitan'

Andrew Park , May 18, 2017, 9:43 a.m.

Girl group SISTAR did a photoshoot and an interview with 'Cosmopolitan'! The girls look sexy as usual showing off thier body. The girls talked about their comeback, lifesyles, and dating life. The girls said they are too lazy about meeting new people but they would like to date someone.

Also when they were asked 'What would you be doing when you are 35?' Soyu and Bora answered that they would like to be married and have kids. On the other hand, Dason and Hyorin said they didn't want to get married at all. Hyorin jokingly said Dason influenced her on that decision.

Check out the images below and read more of their interview in the June issue of 'Cosmopolitan'!

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