SISTAR's Bora Reveals the Secrets Behind Her Flawless Physique for Cosmopolitan

SWAG-tastic Voyage, May 12, 2014, 10:35 a.m.

SISTAR's Bora had a sit down with Cosmopolitan magazine for her new photoshoot on May 8th, showing off her flawless and flexible body.

For Cosmopolitan's May issue, Bora rocks comfortable gym clothing in order to model Adidas' Spring and Summer collection for 2014.  While doing so, she inadvertently showed off her amazing body physique, and ended up speaking about how she attained her physical stature.

Bora stated,  “Even at my house, I stretch during my free time and I strive to always maintain a straight posture and straight steps as I walk. The secret to my figure is learning ballet and modern dance in elementary school.”

In the meantime, Bora is taking on acting in the new show "Doctor Stranger", in which she plays the role of Lee Chang Yi. Bora's tight body may have had something to do with her being cast for the role by PD Jin Hyuk, who did admit that he cast her in the drama for his own personal reasons.

Check out the pictures and grab a copy of Cosmopolitan's May issue for more information!

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