SISTAR’s Soyu Shows Off Her Eating Abilities

Hyo Jin Lee, July 17, 2016, 10:38 a.m.

K-pop group Sistar’s Soyou showed off her voracious appetite on Saturday’s episode of the variety show “Baek Jong-won’s Three Great Emperors.” The program’s host Baek Jong-won is a famous chef in Korea who is also known for his great appetite. He initially could not believe that the slim Soyou could eat much.

However, contrary to his expectations, Soyou ate just as heartily as Baek. Soyou also surprised Baek by saying, “I really like eating, I want to eat all this food at once.” They ate “tteokbokki,” a Korean rice cake dish. Soyou is currently promoting her group’s song, “I Like That,” which was released on June 20.

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