Siwon's family fined $44 for their dog's biting incident

Cari Pak, Oct. 25, 2017, 10:05 a.m.

On October 25, according to a report by YTN News, Super Junior's Siwon's family, the Choi's, have been charged with a civil fine by Seoul's Gangnam District Office. More specifically, the civil fine was issued to Siwon's father, since he is the registered owner of the French bulldog, Bugsy. The civil fine amounts to approximately 50,000 KRW (estimate of $44 USD), and has been issued on the basis that Bugsy was allowed to roam free in public without a collar.

The latest information regarding the death of Ms. Kim which stated that a pseudomonas infection was the main cause, has also stirred up controversy. After news of the pseudomonas infection, the Choi family submitted official documentation to police that pseudomonas was not discovered from Bugsy during a recent checkup. However, in response, Ms. Kim's side argued the strong likelihood that the Choi's may have washed Bugsy after the biting incident and that it will be difficult to determine if the harmful bacteria was present in Bugsy during the biting. Despite the argument, Ms. Kim's side maintained their position not to take any legal measures against the Choi's.

The hospital's side also defended against the possibility of a secondary infection acquired during treatment, claiming that Ms. Kim received both a disinfection and a vaccine during her visit, which lasted no longer than an hour.

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