SK Telecom Successfully Completes First “VoLTE” International Call

kpopluv, Aug. 26, 2015, 10:53 a.m.

SK Telink, the international carrier services division of SK Telecom, announced that it had successfully demonstrated high quality voice international call technology (VoLTE) based on an LTE network. VoLTE stands out as the highest quality voice service, offering low-frequency LTE spectrum usage, enabling network efficiency and reduced operational expenditure for mobile operators. With the success of the VoLTE test, SK Telink can offer LTE subscribers the ability to exchange high definition, low latency, next generation enhanced voice services.

In cooperation with BICS, a global wholesale carrier for voice, mobile data and capacity services, SK Telink succeeded in an international voice call test between VoLTE mobile phones of SK Telecom and Proximus, a Belgian mobile carrier.

With the success, SK Telink plans to expand international VoLTE voice call tests to other mobile carriers outside Europe, and will commercialize the service together with local mobile carriers including SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus. In addition, it will develop other value-added services such as switching voice-video calls.

“SK Telecom prides itself on pushing the boundaries of innovation, and this latest announcement further enhances our position as the service leader in Korea,” said Park Jin-hyo, senior vice president of SK Telecom. “International VoLTE provides best-in-class voice quality demanded by customers already enjoying the service domestically.”

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