Sleepy’s Dad Welcomes Comedian Lee Kuk Ju On ‘We Got Married’!

Lisa Jeong, March 27, 2017, 9:48 a.m.

In the recent airing of the variety show ‘We Got Married’, comedian Lee Kuk Ju was able to finally meet rapper Sleepy’s dad! During the meeting, the three individuals who consisted of Lee Kuk Ju, Sleepy, and Sleepy’s father enjoyed a meal that took the whole table! In the meeting, they were able to exchange gifts, which included couple cups!

Lee Kuk Ju admitted that she tried her best to make herself presentable to all the viewers and last but not least Sleepy’s father! She went to further explain that during the live broadcasts she goofed around a lot, and she tried not showing that side towards Sleepy’s father, so in conclusion she dressed very conservatively.

Sleepy’s father went on to say that on TV, Lee Kuk Ju looked big, however meeting her in person, he realized that she was very thin.


Check out the footage below!

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