SM Entertainment Invests in BALJUNSO, an Independent Label

kpopluv, Feb. 26, 2014, 10:43 a.m.

SM Entertainment has invested into BALJUNSO, a independent record label. BALJUNSO was a company originally founded in 1991 by CAN Entertainment's Kang Byung Yong, who discovered talents like Kim Jong Suh, Jang Hye Jin, Park Sang Min, CAN, and more. SM Entertainment has joined hands with Kang Byung Yong to launch a 'BALJUNSO WORLD WIDE PROMOTION' campaign to bring global awareness of K-Pop's diversity with its indie and hip hop music. 

CEO Kang Byung Yong stated, "We are trying to shed new light on and revive the hip hop and band music of non-mainstream music."

"SM Entertainment, which is playing a leading role in the Hallyu culture, has invested in our company for K-Pop's diversity and globalization and as a subsidiary label, we established a firm cooperative relationship for global distribution, marketing, and additional business."

The BALJUNSO World Wide Promotion is set to begin on March 8 in Hongdae as they will feature artists such as, HLIN, Play the Siren, Love and Peace, and 015B’s Jang Ho II project band.  You can watch the event live on SMTOWN’s Youtube Channel, Genie, and USTREAM.

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