SM Entertainment Prepares Separate Memorial for Fans Because Family Wants Private Funeral

Jay Yim, Oct. 15, 2019, 11:51 a.m.

SM Entertainment is preparing a memorial specifically for fans so they can visit and give their condolences to Sulli.

Previously, the family made an annoucement regarding Sulli's funeral and that they wanted it to be in private, so that reporters would not come. The family stated, "The mourners and family do not want this. We ask reporters to understand with a generous heart. We ask that you cooperate so that Sulli's last journey will be beautiful." 

On October 15, the company made this statement:

"This is SM Entertainment. Sulli has left our side. We are struck with grief to deliver such sad news to fans.
Following the wishes of Sulli's family, we have prepared a place where the fans who have always cheered Sulli on and sent her their endless love and support can bid her farewell with a warm greeting, at the address below. 
Shinchon Severance Hospital, Funeral Hall #7 (Ground floor level 1)
From October 15 (4 PM - 9 PM) and October 16 (12 PM - 9 PM),
Fans can pay their condolences.
Once again, we express our deepest grief regarding the news."
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