SM Entertainment Reveals Their New AI Program ‘Wyth’

Troy Yang, Jan. 6, 2017, 8:46 a.m.

SM Entertainment will surprisingly be at the ‘Consumer Electronics Show 2017’, also known as ‘CES 2017’ on January 5th to January 8th in Las Vegas, Nevada. The K-pop agency is planning on revealing their very own artificial intelligence device known as ‘Wyth’, a personal assistant app for anything K-pop!


The agency will show off the many amazing features for ‘Wyth’ at the convention. The AI speaker mode will have Super Junior’s Henry speaking to you and informing you of the latest playlists, while Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany will let you know the weather forecast, as well as singing duets with users through the device!


SM Entertainment is still in the research stages to collect more data and suggestions before launching the prototype officially. What do you think about ‘Wyth’ so far?

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