SM Entertainment Reveals Their Position on EXO's Luhan's Lawsuit

Maximiliano VCHK, Oct. 10, 2014, 9:49 a.m.

SM Entertainment is in talks with an official statement sent to the media in a press release regarding the situation with EXO's Luhan.

The statement says,

"The agency learned of Luhan's lawsuit through a lawyer.

We are shocked because the lawsuit was suddenly filed while we were in the process of negotiating his future schedules and activities after he expressed his wishes to focus more on his individual activities in China more so than EXO group activities as well as matters concerning his health. 

As it was with Kris's case, when a lawsuit is filed for no actual reason by using the same pattern and lawyers after a gaining a lot of popularity as a star through group activities, we see this as a suit that was filed because of one prioritizing one's self and ignoring the understanding of the contract with the agency as well as everyone involved in the contract and the activities with the group. We believe there is someone behind the scenes who is pulling the strings.

Regarding these kinds of situations, the agency plans to actively respond to them with our partners overseas including those in China as well as legal experts.

EXO's future activities will also proceed on as scheduled.

The press release also states that SM Entertainment believes that the same lawsuit keeps being dropped on them in the same pattern due to using the same lawyers, and there possibly might be a third party involved who is using either their power or influence over the members to persuade them to depart.

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