SM Releases Statement Regarding Red Velvet's Manager

thekatsmeow, May 11, 2015, 12:46 p.m.

After a controversial video of Red Velvet's manager behaving verbally, and allegedly physically, abusive towards calm and well-behaved fans went live, he's been wading in hot water. The video in question revealed the girl group's manager cursing and yelling at friendly fans who were in no way harming the girls.

Some witnesses even reported that the manager hit the fangirls, despite their calm demeanor. In the video, the fans were seen quietly encouraging the ladies, not displaying any crazy fan behavior at all. The manager's harsh actions and words earned him criticism from netizens everywhere.

On May 10th, Red Velvet's agency SM Entertainment made a short and sweet statement regarding the topic, stating, "We would like to tell all the fans that we are sincerely sorry. An event like this will not happen again."

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