SMENT releases statement regarding NCT's Taeyong bullying controversy!

Yumi Kim , Sept. 19, 2019, 10:07 a.m.

On September 19, SM Entertainment released a statement regarding the bullying accusations of NCT member Taeyong. It appears that someone from Taeyong's past has accused Taeyong of bullying during middle school days. Additionally, it was reported that a former SM trainee, who was friends with Taeyong, agreed to the allegations and added a few remarks about Taeyong's "shit personality".

SM Entertainment addressed the allegations by saying,  "As it was 10 years ago, we requested Taeyong's middle school records from his family to look into the situation accurately. After confirming with the records, there's no evidence indicating what's been reported, and his parents stated there were no reasons to meet with his teachers." 

They continued, "Taeyong deeply regrets saying things that caused hurt and behaving insensitively during his middle school days, which was before he started his dreams to be a singer. He sends his apologies to everyone he hurt during his trainee days and after his debut. He's currently not forgetting to reflect, and he's doing his best in every circumstance."

Stay tune for more updates!~ 

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