Snacky Chan Releases MV for Track "Dummy For My Daughter"

Sensitive Artist, May 6, 2015, 11:20 a.m.

The producers who dropped Snacky Chan in last year's "Show Me the Money" are definitely kicking themselves right now, since Snacky Chan has just released a hot single track featuring Epik High's Tablo! The rapper revealed his cool and engaging music video for his new track "Dummy For My Daughter", and his Korean raps are on point.

The featured lyrics from Epik High's Tablo is also extremely heartwarming, with both of them rapping about how they would do anything for their daughters. This is Snacky Chan's first track released in the Korean language.

Snacky Chan explained the meaning for the title of his track saying, "Dummy, has two meanings in the English language. One of which is 'fool,' the other is 'doll.' That should help you understand why we made the cover and music video the way we did."

You heard it here at!

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