So Yi Hyun Prepares to Get Married with "International bnt"

SWAG-Tastic Voyage, Oct. 1, 2014, 12:50 p.m.

The soon to be married actress So Yi Hyun is bidding farewell to her days as a single woman with a photoshoot with "International bnt" titled, "Miss So Yi Hyun"!

So Yi Hyun can be seen wearing a white lace dress which is matched together with a long coat. So Yi Hyun looks like the perfect modern bride in her red dress, displaying a chic, stylish, and sexy side of herself.

In the interview with "International bnt", the actress was asked about her past works to which she responded, "There were a lot of films that I was in. I was greedy, so I worked without resting. The most memorable piece that I was a part of and that received much love, was 'Cheongdamdong Alice'. The more people loved it, the more I became attached to it. It became one of the more memorable pieces. I played a lot of pretty and animated characters when I was in my 20s. After my marriage, I want to become a more settled and composed actress.

The actress was also asked about her unofficial title "fashionista", to which she replied, "I love clothes. I used to just have fun with it, but now that people are watching me more closely, I feel bit burdened to just enjoy it. In another sense, I am thankful that they are taking more interest in what I'm wearing and how I'm wearing it. It makes me want to make more of an effort in what I wear.

The actress was then asked what she saw in actor In Gyo Jin to want to marry him and she replied, "I thought that it didn't necessarily have to be this person, but I also thought that this man is someone who I must have in my life. There was no falling in love at first sight or bells ringing. An irreplaceable person, that is my partner In Gyo Jin.

The actress then said, "I want to live a normal life that lets me stand by and support my husband and create a peaceful family. If you have a harmonious family, you work harder.

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