Solbi’s Latest MV and Track ‘Find’ is Dedicated to a Missing Child

Ben Cho, Oct. 5, 2016, 8:10 a.m.

Vocal artist Solbi has just released her latest music video for her track ‘Find’! Surprisingly, instead of going for the usual concept or theme which is considered a standard in Korean entertainment, she simply dedicates the song to a child who has been missing for eighteen years now. Solbi had mentioned in an interview beforehand that her latest single album will be part of the ‘Find Project’, a project that helps to find missing children.


Solbi sat down with Park Myung Soo on his radio show on October 5th, where she stated, ‘I released the song with a goal of 99th place on the music charts, but a lot of people are giving it interest. I think we'll reach our goal.’


Solbi then said, ‘The 'Find Project' is dedicated to finding missing children, and I participated with music. I worked hard to prepare this for one year. We're looking for a person who's been missing for 18 years. I decided to help with music after I found out about the missing person's father, who has been suffering traveling everywhere to find his lost child.’

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