Son Heung-min and Cristiano Ronaldo swap jerseys

Christin Ner, July 23, 2019, 9:45 a.m.

A dream came true for Son Heung-min of Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday when he exchanged jerseys with Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus after their International Champions Cup (ICC) match in Singapore.

They took off their jerseys and headed into their locker rooms together, holding each other's sweaty jerseys.

The ICC is a preseason competition for the world's biggest clubs.

Since he was a teen, Son has idolized Ronaldo. That's why he even wears the same jersey number -- No. 7.

Both are left wingers and they have similar strengths, including the ability to take powerful shots off either foot.

Son, who has become a key player for Tottenham, scoring 20 goals for the past two seasons, helped his team score the opening goal in Sunday's match. Tottenham Hotspur won the match 3-2.

"I don't usually ask to swap shirts -- a sort of customary way of showing mutual respect between players, but I luckily had a chance to talk [to Ronaldo], and he was kind enough to do so," Son said.

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