Son Yeon-jae Begins Training Early to Dominate at this Year’s Moscow Grand Prix

D-Bo, Jan. 13, 2014, 7:16 p.m.

Son Yeon-jae has made way for Russia this past Friday, where she plans on training for the Moscow Grand Prix this coming February.  The gymnast has a big year ahead of her, and continues to polish her abilities to prepare for this event on February 28th. The event will consist of 4 disciplines: hoop, ball, ribbon, and club. Son decided to pick up training 2 weeks early this year in order to perfect her movements for all of these categories.

"Since I'm older than most of the other elite gymnasts, we tried to pick programs that highlight my maturity, and tried to connect all the technical elements in one big movement to make the program feel packed for one minute and a half," she said.

"I will master the new programs as soon as possible. As the biggest goal right now is to perform well at the Incheon Asian Games, I will gain more experience and work on the programs to that end."

In addition to starting earlier, Yon also decided to switch up her music for the 4 categories. She’s chosen ”Don Quixote” for hoop, “You Don’t Give Up on Love” but Mark Minkov for ball, “Bahrain” for ribbon, and “Luna Mezzo Mare” by Patrizio Buanne for club.

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