Song Hye Gyo voluntarily lends her voice to narrate a special documentary for a good cause!

Anna Park, May 3, 2016, 9:37 a.m.

‘Descendants of the Sun’ actress Song Hye Gyo will be narrating the KBS special documentary show ‘May, the Children’! A representative from KBS shared, “[Song Hye Gyo] made the decision to narrate the show because she felt it was necessary to relay the need for more pediatric care facilities an hospices in Korea.”

It’s also been reported that the actress kindly declined any form of payment for narrating the show, fully making this a voluntary effort. ‘May, the Children’ will take place in the month of May, which is recognized as ‘family month’ in Korea since May has a lot of family-related holidays.

‘May, the Children’ will revolved around the story of children with terminal illnesses who try to live normal lives. The documentary will also follow the story of the child care medical team at the Seoul National University’s children’s hospital!

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