Song Il-Gook Comments on Man Se’s Potential Talent as an Actor

Troy Yang, March 30, 2016, 8:29 a.m.

Actor Song Il-gook, who starred in period drama “Jang Yeong-sil: The Greatest Scientist of Joseon,” talked about his triplet sons -- Dae-han, Min-guk and Man-se -- in an interview with local media on Monday. “(When I was growing up), my mom never forced me to do something,” Song said.

“I was able to do whatever I wanted. I hope my children can do whatever they want. I am kind of worried if all three would want to become actors, but I think that would not happen.”

“As of now, I think Man-se has the most potential as an actor. He is full of emotions. In the past, my wife returned from a funeral and told the kids about it. Dae-han and Min-guk asked why the person passed away, while Man-se said, ‘Mom, you must be sad.’ They have different emotions. They are from one womb, but they are totally different, which makes raising them interesting.”

Song played revered scientist Jang Yeong-sil, who contributed to the development of science during the 15th century, in the latest KBS drama. 

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