Song Il Gook & His Triplets Selected to Represent Minute Maid for 2nd Year in a Row!

Anna Park, March 15, 2016, 4:27 p.m.

Model father and actor Song Il Gook and his charming triplets, who recently left the popular KBS 2TV show ‘The Return of Superman’, have been selected to represent juice brand ‘Minute Maid’ for the second consecutive year in a row! The Song triplets previously modeled for the food brand through television CFs and print advertisements, and they must have done a darn good job, as Minute Maid has asked them to model for them for another year.

A representative relayed, “Song Il Gook has established his role as a model father by showcasing advisable ways to care for his children through the variety program [‘The Return of Superman’]. Song Il Gook, who thoroughly feeds them well, and the triplets, who eat anything deliciously, carry a healthy charm that fits well with the image of ‘Minute Maid’. They’ve been asked to model for the second year in a row!”

Who could better represent the sweet juice brand than the lovely Song triplets?

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